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SmartGuardian Utilities

Water/ Waste Water

Electrical Distribution

Officials are tapping all kinds of data to make their cities safer, healthier and more efficient, in what may be just the start of a sweeping change in how cities are run...

The integration of asset management and GIS is a powerful tool that improves workflow and promote greater sustainability of businesses and assets.​



Utility companies are required to maintain their assets on a regularly scheduled basis. These maintenance activities are tracked in one or more record management systems (RMS). Consolidated access to the RMS to determine which assets need maintenance next becomes essential to reaching to their business goals.



Utilities companies often don’t have a complete picture of asset conditions as they exist in the field. This information is collected by field crews and written back to one or more databases or RMS systems. Consolidating field information with RMS provides an improved understanding of the true condition of assets in the field.


Planning and Public facing

Service expansions or existing asset repair often causes disruption in service and inconvenience to public. The current and historic condition of assets are maintained in one or more RMS systems. Identifying assets that need immediate repair or have historically been repaired allows utility companies to plan expansion and repairs in an efficient manner.

Office Solutions 

Enhance O&M, Planning, and Engineering

  • Significant reduction in the use of resources

  • Reduced costs using efficient O&M with optimization of fleet, operations, and maintenance processes

  • Systematic and consistent compliance with safety, availability, performance, and environmental requirements

  • Improved accountability, service management, risk management, and financial efficiency

Field Solutions

Data Collection and Notifications

  • Enable reliable collection of intelligent data through the GIS interface

  • Eliminate human error through smart domain pick lists

  • Improve response time for planned maintenance

  • Configurable to any field collection workflow

  • Faster way to map as-built assets

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