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A Complete MicroGrid Solution

SmartGuardian- Electric

Powered by EIS and intelligent asset network on a GIS platform. 

The Platform

SmartGUARDIAN for Microgrid is a powerful electric utility model that collects the as-built state of the system using an interactive web based platform, and employs a powerful rule-based engine to define circuits and perform automatic connections. The application is powered by GIS interface for smart operations and maintenance of your network


SmartGUARDIAN enables seamless collection, monitoring and energy management of ELECTRIC network is completely scale-able and is intelligently hooked to the Energy Information System (EIS) for a complete energy management system.

This MicroGrid Management solution is aimed at campus facilities and other compounds that are implementing renewable distributed energy resource systems. The application is specifically built for MicroGrid and not an add-on to large, existing systems making it an affordable solution for developers and owners.

Collection and Maintenance

Microgrid owner-operators need a system for electrical asset as build data. These systems are often designed in CAD drawings and are not geo-spatially located and become stale after build-out of the system. Accurately collecting, connecting and representing component information is essential to Microgrid distributed energy management.


Contractors can quickly determine the connection points in order to turn off the power source(s) for maintenance activities and record the work that was completed.  Operators use the connectivity to determine what sources are generating or distributing for optimum performance.

Operations & Analysis

Microgrid owner-operators need to understand the current operating status of varied distributed energy sources. The Microgrid connectivity model is integrated with SCADA control system data for visual display of current state of connected components.



EIS Management 

SmartGuardian-Electric is powered by EIS and intelligent asset network on a powerful GIS platform. The main goal of a distributed energy Microgrid is reducing the Carbon Footprint over time. Analysis tools are often buried deep in the Control System software packages and don’t allow for spatial display. Combining spatial display with Control System data provides a visual dashboard of Microgrid performance over time.

The Components

The system includes the following features:

  • GIS based as-built mapping platform

  • Access the application without downloading any software

  • Field-specific workflow application for Collection and Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Office application for Operations and Analysis

  • Configuration of EIS data for visual analysis

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